Nowadays we all use a gambit of facial products like cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers, plus let’s not forget to mention essences, masks, peels, retinols, oils, and sunscreens! — But is there actually a correct order in which to apply all of your skincare products? Why, YES, there is! Let us educate you on the order in which all of your skincare products should be applied to maximize effectiveness.

  1. CLEANSER — This is probably a no brainer, but obviously you always start with your cleanser. You never want to put any facial products on dirty, oily or makeup-covered skin. The products will not be absorbed correctly and your results will be lessened.
  2. MASK or PEEL — If you choose to do any kind of mask or peel, you can do that now as your pores are clean and ready to soak in all of those amazing benefits. You might also want to note that masks and peels might only need to be used weekly depending on the product. Just make sure you read your product labels so you aren’t overusing anything that might irritate your skin.
  3. TONER or ESSENCE — Next up would be a toner or essence. They are both similar products and are used to prepare the skin for proper absorption of all of the wonderful products that are to come. It is not necessary to use both a toner and an essence as they both work similarly.
  4. SERUM — Now it’s time for your serum – the magic ingredient of any good skincare routine! Serums are packed with ultra concentrated nutrients that your skin craves! We recommend using a serum packed with Vitamin C each morning because Vitamin C will brighten your skin plus protect your skin against environmental aggressors throughout the day. And then at night we recommend using a serum loaded with hyaluronic acid because it will hydrate your skin overnight for a plumper look by morning.
  5. EYE CREAM — Here is where you would use an eye cream! Lather that creamy goodness all around the eye area from the under eye up to the brow bone to reap maximum benefits. Eye creams can help to tighten and brighten the eye area.
  6. MOISTURIZER — Now it’s time for your moisturizer. Moisturizers are a must in any good face care routine. In fact, if you only choose to put a few things in your skincare routine, it should be a moisturizer coupled with a cleanser and a sunscreen. Moisturizers help to restore the natural barrier of your skin and prevent future skin damage from occurring.
  7. RETINOL — If you are using a retinol, you can plug this step in here. Retinoids are the closest thing to magic you can use on your skin. They brighten skin, diminish wrinkles, fade dark spots, clear pores, and even prevent breakouts. Not using one? Jump on the bandwagon!
  8. OIL — If you choose to use a facial oil, you can use that here to lock in all of the skincare products applied before. Oils are always to be used as the last step in your skincare routine as oils can easily penetrate other products but other products cannot make their way past an oil.
  9. SUNSCREEN — And last but certainly not least because this step is probably the most important in your entire skincare routine…sunscreen! Sunscreen should be worn each and every day to not only prevent the early signs of aging but also to prevent skin cancer. So don’t forget your sunscreen!

We know…this list seems like a lot! Every one of these products may not be necessary in your skincare routine. Talk with your skincare specialist to find out what products can help with your unique skin care needs. Stop by Gruene House Med Spa and one of our experts can recommend products for your skincare routine. We have two convenient locations in New Braunfels and San Antonio to serve you. Call us at 830-312-4466 (New Braunfels) or 210-255-1400 (San Antonio).