5 Mistakes We Are All Making in Our Winter Skincare Routines

As the seasons change from summer to fall and then fall to winter, we’re quick to change our wardrobe – buying a new pair of chic boots or maybe a chunky cable knit sweater, but what about our skincare? Adapting your skincare routine to meet the challenges of the season is incredibly important. The winter season is a great time reverse sun damage that you might have built up from the summer months. Winter is also a dryer season so you should be using the right products to keep to your complexion healthy and glowing. No matter what your skin concerns are, these 5 tips are guaranteed to give you the perfect winter skincare routine!

  1. Use a cream based cleanser – Many of us switch to lighter foam moisturizers in the summer months but these can actually wreak havoc on your skin during the dry winter months. Foam cleansers can actually strip moisture from skin which is definitely a no-no when the air outside is already so dry. You will want to incorporate a cream or oil based moisturizer into your routine for the winter months!
  2. Use a rich moisturizer – We are prone to believe that we need to wear lightweight moisturizers or else we will break out. Not the case, especially not as we age and definitely not the case in the dryer winter months. Our skin craves moisture! Without proper hydration you may notice your skin lacks luster, looks dull and tired, and you will also notice an increase in fine lines. Try using a rich moisturizer that will replenish the moisture in your skin, leaving your complexion looking dewy and glowing all winter long!
  3. Use SPF daily – This is just a no brainer! Sunscreen is a must 365 days a year no matter what the forecast is outside. Using a daily SPF protects your skin from harsh sun damage and prevents skin cancer. Find your favorite SPF and stick to it year round!
  4. Get a peel – Over the summer months your skin can develop serious sun damage and the effects of this usually aren’t pretty. You may notice that your skin has pigmentation issues or brown spots. You may also notice fine lines and wrinkles. The winter season is the perfect time to reverse all of this damage caused by overexposure to the sun. A great way to do this is with a chemical peel. So find the one that is right for you and your skin type and watch the sun damaged layers peel away revealing healthy more luminous skin.
  5. Remember good nutrition – This tip is important to embrace during all seasons of the year. Good nutrition is key! Not only for good skin care but to achieve a healthy and balanced life. What we put IN our body is just as important as the products we apply to the outside of our body. But since we are talking skincare – you will definitely want to make sure your healthy nutrition plan includes plenty of Vitamin D. This not only supports healthy skin, hair, and nails but boosts your immune system too!

Gruene House Med spa has EVERYTHING you need to maintain a healthy skincare regimen during the winter months. We offer amazing medical grade skin care product lines like SENTÉ and ZO Skin Health that can only be sold by authorized physicians. We also carry Elta MD, a dermatologist recommended line of SPF products. Plus we have a  range of specialized peels we can suggest for you to meet your individual skincare needs. And last but not least we even offer our own brand of vitamin supplements created in house by our very own Dr. Shah. Let us help you create the PERFECT winter skin care routine that will have you glowing all season long.