Top 10 Qualifications Your Injector Must Have!

Injectable treatments like Botox and fillers have become so popular that it seems like you can get them almost anywhere. But like other medical procedures – injectable treatments should not be taken lightly just because they don’t require incisions, anesthesia, or a hospital setting. You should  only seek injectable treatments from trusted facilities with highly qualified medical professionals. To help ensure you are choosing the right injector – here are 10 qualifications they MUST have:

  1. Injector Qualifications – Your injector should be highly qualified to perform this type of treatment. They should be either a board-certified physician, a registered nurse (RN), or a physician’s assistant (PA) to perform injectable treatments. This person should be incredibly knowledgeable and experienced with injections. They should be able to easily answer your questions. They should also be up to date on the latest techniques and know how to handle any complications that may arise.
  2. Facility Accreditation – Your injection facility should have the necessary licensing as required by your state to operate. The facility should be a clean and sterile environment. You should not be receiving these types of treatments at salons or other unaccredited facilities.
  3. Full Disclosure of Risks and Benefits – Your injector should be up front with you about the risks of the treatment. You should be asked to sign paperwork acknowledging your consent for the procedure. You should also know what brand of products they are using on you. Only use FDA approved products.
  4. Doctor On-site – It is important that a board certified physician is on-site during any injectable procedure regardless of who is actually doing the injecting. This is important in case any complications occur so the physician is there to perform medical care in case the need arises.
  5. Thoroughness – While each injector may vary slightly, the overall procedure should for the most part be very similar. You should always sign paperwork regarding consent and medical history. Your injector should explain the process detailing what numbing creams will be used if needed and how the treatment will be administered. They should also immediately give you after care instructions as well.
  6. Rapport – You should be able to speak to your injector with ease and comfort just like any other medical professional. They should be able to easily answer your questions and be able to offer you their unbiased medical opinion. Your injector should not make you feel uncomfortable or feel pressured to get any treatment you do not agree with.
  7. Professional Memberships – Look for professional memberships your injector might be a part of. This means they are up to date with the latest techniques and that they have significant experience in the field.
  8. Reliable References – Always ask for reliable references from your injector as well. You should be able to find several patients who have recommended their work. You can also ask for before and after photos of previous patients as well.
  9. Reasonable Cost – Although the chance to save money is tempting, deeply discounted treatments should be carefully investigated. The treatment should be reasonably priced to other treatments of the same nature in that area. If your injector is using a reputable brand of product, the discounts can only go so far. Don’t be fooled by deeply discounted products.
  10. Follow-up Care – Your injector should have specific instructions on after care. Some treatments may cause redness, swelling, and bruising but with appropriate after care these effects can be minimized. You should also be able to get in contact with your injector during the days after your treatment in case you have questions or complications.

Gruene House Med Spa meets every one of these 10 qualifications. Our very own board certified physician, Dr. Shah, performs many of our clients’ treatments himself and is always on-site should he be needed.  Our state of the art facilities are both sanitized and welcoming to ensure you are comfortable during your treatment. We would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to go over any questions or concerns you have regarding any treatment we offer. We are here to help you safely meet your beauty goals.