Are you ready for a fast beauty procedure that can take years of tiredness and sag from your face? Consider a one-hour facelift, also known as a mini-facelift. The procedure typically takes less than an hour and leaves you with younger-looking skin on your face and neck.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mini-Facelift?

Non-surgical facelifts are a perfect solution for some patients. If your signs of aging are mild and just beginning, a one-hour lift puts a smile on your face in almost no time! It’s always better to confront aging head-on and not wait until you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror.

Keep your genetics and lifestyle in mind when considering a one-hour facelift. How your parents or grandparents looked at your age helps you to see how you should probably look, too. However, a lifetime of excessive sun, smoking, poor nutrition, polluted air, etc. also affect how fast your skin ages. Any facelift procedure can only do so much, and lifestyle affects how fast your skin appears to re-age.

How Does a Fast Facelift Procedure Work?

Your doctor, dermatologist or esthetician can tell you more about how the non-surgical facelift procedure works, but here’s a basic overview:

  1. After a thorough consultation, you’ll be scheduled for the procedure. You’ll be fully awake throughout and able to carry on a conversation. The non-surgical facelift is performed with local anesthesia, so you literally could go back to work the same day rather than suffering from an anesthesia hangover for several hours (or several days, depending on how your body reacts to full anesthesia).
  2. The surgeon marks several places on your face, depending on where you need a lift. If it’s indicated, you’ll receive Botox injections; otherwise, the surgeon makes tiny incisions and removes extra fat and tightens the skin’s collagen.
  3. Bruising and discoloration of the skin is minimal, so within a couple of days you’ll be able to see exactly what you look like to the rest of the world—as young as you feel on the inside. Most patients fully recover in 3-10 days, but you can resume normal activities almost immediately.

Other Options
Gruene House Med Spa has a variety of services to help you look younger. Our services include: Dermal Filler, Botox® Cosmetics, Fillers with Microcannula Technique, Kybella ® and so many more.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a non-surgical facelift procedure against a complete, surgical makeover. A one-hour facelift does not rework the underlying structures of your face; it simply works with what you have to reduce sagging, erase fine lines, and bring bounce back to skin.

If you’ve been using skincare products trying to accomplish the same goals, you’ll be amazed at the quick results.

If you’re dreaming of a completely new look that only extensive surgery can bring, you might feel disappointed with the results of the one-hour lunch facelift. It doesn’t promise to make you look 20 years old again—it promises to bring youth back to your already-beautiful look!