We’ve got big news! We’re now offering CoolSculpting ELITE — the newest technology in non-surgical fat reduction. If you’re active and you eat healthy but still have ares of stubborn fat that won’t go away, then CoolSculpting ELITE may be for you. This is an FDA approved procedure to help you eliminate stubborn fat quickly without extreme dieting or exercise. Read on to learn more.

How does it work?
CoolSculpting ELITE is FDA-cleared, noninvasive body contouring technology that eliminates up to 20-25% of treated fat cells for good in 9 different areas. We know it sounds hard to believe but this isn’t magic, just science. CoolSculpting ELITE literally freezes and kills fat cells. CoolSculpting ELITE targets the fat cells and eliminates them by freezing them. There is little to no downtime and best of all – no surgery. Plus CoolSculpting ELITE can remove stubborn fat twice as fast because this amazing NEW machine can treat two areas at once, unlike the original CoolSculpting machine that can only treat one area at a time.

What areas can be treated?
CoolSculpting ELITE is proven to eliminate stubborn fat in 9 different areas of the body.  You can treat the abdomen, chin, thighs, flank, upper arm, fat at your bra line, back fat, underneath the buttocks, and upper arms. Treatment in each of the different areas will help to get rid of unwanted fat and leave you feeling more confident. And don’t forget CoolSculpting ELITE can treat two areas at once so you’ll be freezing away fat twice as fast!

What’s treatment like?
You and your doctor will work together to discuss your goals and determine if you are a candidate for CoolSculpting ELITE. Your doctor will develop a customized treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Once you have decided on the specifics, you will be ready for treatment. Your provider will apply a clear gel pad to the treatment area to create a barrier between the cooling panel and your skin. Now you just sit back and let science do the work. You’ll feel a slight sucking sensation as the applicator adheres to your body. During the procedure you may experience sensations of pulling, tugging, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, stinging, aching, and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations subside as the area becomes numb. During the treatment you’ll be able to read, answer emails, or chat with a friend. You can’t do that at the gym! After the applicator is detached, your provider will do a brief massage on the area(s) to break up the treated fat cells and enhance the fat reduction. And that’s it – you’re done! Most patients experience little to no downtime after treatment.  You may need more than one treatment to get the results you desire. How many treatments you need will be determined by your doctor.

When will I see results?
You will see results as soon as 4 weeks after your first treatment. Your results will continue to improve after each treatment. You will have your full result about 3 months after your treatments are complete.

Ready to try CoolSculpting?
If you are interested in learning more about CoolSculpting ELITE, schedule a free consultation with one of our CoolSculpting experts. Together you can decide on the perfect treatment plan to achieve your body sculpting goals. We have two convenient locations in New Braunfels and San Antonio to serve you. Our expert staff would love to help you achieve all of your aesthetic goals. We can help you with the treatments mentioned above plus so many others! Call us at 830-312-4466 (New Braunfels) or 210-255-1400 (San Antonio).