Stay on top of your daily nutrition with Dr. Shah’s own Complete Multivitamin!

We all know it is difficult to make sure we are getting the proper amounts of crucial vitamins and minerals in our daily diet. Stay on top of your daily nutrition with Gruene House Med Spa’s own in house brand multivitamin. Physician formulated by our very own Dr. Shah – this bio available complete multivitamin gives you the enhanced nutrition your body craves with no artificial fillers or gluten.  Here are a few of the amazing ingredients and the benefits they offer your body:

B Vitamins – help to prevent infection and promotes/supports cell health, growth of red blood cells, energy levels, eyesight, brain function, digestion, appetite and nerve function

Biotin – helps convert food to energy and boosts the health of hair and nails

Folic Acid – helps the body produce and maintain new cells, especially red blood cells

Vitamin A – supports immune health, vision, reproduction, and important organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys

Vitamin C – necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues, helps maintain a healthy immune system and is also involved in the formation of collagen

Calcium – builds and maintains strong, healthy bones

L-Selenium – plays a critical role in metabolism and thyroid function and helps protect your body from damage caused by oxidative stress

Spirulina Powder – powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Green Tea – increases fat burning abilities, improves brain function and contains powerful antioxidants

Kelp Powder – high in antioxidants that fight against disease causing free-radicals

Glucosamine – improves joint health and is used to repair cartilage and other body tissues

Ready to give it a try?

If you’d like to experience the benefits of Dr. Shah’s expertly formulated complete multivitamin – come by the spa and pick up your 2 month supply for $69.