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Male Penile Enhancement • Gruene House Med Spa

Would you consider enlarging your penis if it was safe, painless, did not involve surgery, was reversible but long lasting and had no down time?
What if a simple, quick cosmetic injectable treatment could assist you in controlling common conditions like premature ejaculation?

Just like many cosmetic procedures have become safer, minimally invasive and with limited recovery time – penis enlargement has changed too. (Contact Dr. Shah for complete details on male enhancement.)

Whilst sexual satisfaction is primarily mental stimulation and control over physical size, men have eternally searched for options to increase the girth and length of their manhood. There are pills, potions, weights, pumps and all sorts of witch-doctor promises. However, there are currently only two methods for penis enlargement that work:

Surgical Penis Enlargement, which is a highly invasive and painful procedure with an extended recovery period and should only be performed by a qualified and skilled surgeon (refer “Other Treatment Options” below); and Injectable Penis Enlargement Filler®, which is minimally invasive, can produce material results almost immediately and with a fast recovery time. For other men, premature ejaculation is a serious condition affecting their sexual confidence and relationships. Whilst there are various techniques, psychological adjustments and some medications that can help, there is now much clinical evidence suggesting that injection of fillers into the glans can assist with sensitivity, control and extended performance.

What is the right injectable filler to use? There are various options available, including: autologous fat, silicone, collagen, permanent (plastic) particles and hyaluronic acid (HA). These all have variable results, longevity and potential side effects (refer “Other Treatment Options” below). What is of utmost importance is that the injection of fillers are safe, performed by an expert physician, reversible and will produce the desired results you are seeking.

Penis enlargement uses a safe, soft, long-lasting and fully reversible cosmetic dermal filler, which is a natural substance in skin and other tissue that holds water to it. It is the natural hydrator of the body and has been used for cosmetic injections such as the lips and cheeks since the 1990’s.

Who is a good patient?

A good candidate for penis augmentation is somebody with:

  • A below-average penis girth or width; or
  • A lack of confidence as a result of penis size; or
  • Suffering from premature ejaculation symptoms, which affects 30% of men (or more) during their lifetime; and
  • Realistic expectations of what can and cannot be achieved using injectable filler.

Across a range of published studies it has been concluded that the average penis size is:

  • Flaccid lengths between 7 to 10 cm (2.8 to 3.9 inches);
  • Flaccid circumferences between 9 to 10 cm (3.5 to 3.9 inches);
  • Erect lengths between 12 to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.3 inches); and
  • Erect circumference around 12 cm (4.7 inches).

Patients seeking solutions for a small penis size frequently have a distorted view of what they actually have, so it is important your perception of size is discussed and you have clear and realistic expectations of what penis augmentation can do for you. This will be addressed during your consultation and we encourage you to raise any questions or concerns so these can be resolved prior to treatment.

What results can I expect?

Your augmentation will depend on your natural penis size and the volume of filler injected.

Our minimum initial injection volume is 7ml. This is less than volumes reported in the medical literature but, like many things, technique counts. Using smaller cannulas to inject and spreading the filler more evenly makes a big difference. We will inject up to 15ml of filler in a single session, which will produce a commensurately larger result. Most guys are aiming for a 15 – 30% increase in the circumference of the shaft of the penis. With greater volumes, 15mls or more, the extra weight tends to result in some lengthening too.

The first thing you will notice is less ‘shrinkage’. Unfortunately, many men find their flaccid penis tends to shrink after swimming, when cold or if embarrassed. This can make some men self-conscious in the change room of the gym or pool. The procedure helps to hold your penis out where it ‘should’ be when flaccid.

What about when erect? There will be a measurable increase in thickness, proportional to the volume injected, but it may not be as noticeable as when flaccid.

For patients being treated for premature ejaculation symptoms, we aim to materially improve control and extend the time before ejaculation, but this may be associated with other psychological factors. Please refer to the Useful Links section for clinical results of using fillers for premature ejaculation symptoms.

How does the procedure work?

Injections to the penis have been around for a long time. In Korea, where penile augmentation is probably more common than anywhere else in the world, 80% is done by injection of HA dermal filler, which are now considered a safe and effective option to increase penis size.

The dermal filler works just like it does on the face and other body parts. It is injected just below the surface of the skin and is naturally integrated into the penile tissue after about 1 week. Up until then, the product can be gently massaged to smooth out any bumps and ensure even coverage.

It takes a couple weeks for the dermal filler to stabilize, absorb water and look its best, after which, it is slowly metabolized and reabsorbed by the body. We expect the enlargement to last for 18-24 months, sometimes longer, but may require small top-ups to maintain the desired results.

Fortunately, our dermal fillers are completely and rapidly reversible, so any problems (which should be minor and uncommon) are totally reversible.

Your Experience

The most difficult thing is getting over the natural shyness of booking a consultation. Once you are in with our experienced physician, you will feel at ease as it is just a visit to the doctor.

We encourage you to raise any questions or concerns you may have about your size, the treatment and the likely outcomes. Our physician will explain the procedure, take some measurements and advise on your suitability for treatment, including appropriate volumes to achieve your desired results.

Contact Dr. Shah for a consultation

Once you have decided to proceed with treatment, there are a few preparation steps, as follows:

  • Hair trimming is good a few days prior to treatment. Please be careful not to cause any nicks or scratches with scissors or electric hair trimmer.
  • On the day, please wash the area with soap and water. We will also sterilize the injection site.
  • Numbing cream will be supplied at the time of booking or you may purchase this from any chemist (e.g. Emla in a 5g tube). Please massage this into the shaft and base of your penis an hour before your appointment and wrap your penis in plastic film wrap – don’t worry about the head (unless you have specifically arranged to have the glans injected).
  • You can apply more numbing cream after 30 min if you have some left. Expect some shrinkage with the numbing cream, this may be more noticeable if you are uncircumcised.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment time and we can apply some extra numbing cream if you would like.

It is performed by a skilled cosmetic injectable physician using a thin, rounded cannula. With the use of numbing cream, there is minimal discomfort involved in this well-tolerated procedure. The type of dermal filler we use is also laced with lidocaine, which numbs the area instantly.

Our physician will first inject a medication that induces an erection. This enables better placement of filler around the shaft and our physician will mold and shape the product as he injects. We may also inject 2-3ml of filler into the head or glans of the penis if this is required. The procedure will take between 30-60 mins depending on how much product you have injected.

After the injection is complete, your penis will be wrapped firmly in a stretchy bandage, which we ask you to keep on for 12 hours. It may take an hour or so for your erection to relax.

Whilst there are minimal complications, you should expect:

  • Some bruising and tenderness – this varies a lot from patient to patient. Bruising will often become more apparent a day or two after the procedure.
  • Swelling can result for a few days and may be quite impressive. Do not be alarmed, this will settle and we will provide you with anti-swelling medication. If swelling remains beyond a few days, please contact our clinic for more anti-swelling medication.
  • If you have any significant pain or difficulty passing urine, please call and speak to one of our therapists as soon as possible.
  • There is some initial malleability to the product. This can be of benefit in allowing you to gently smooth out any small irregularities. If you want to move product further towards the head, or the base, then you will be able to massage it somewhat in that direction, but please don’t over do it. The dermal filler will integrate with penile tissue after 1 week, so abnormal placement will need to be dissolved and re-injected.
  • During the injection we need to be careful to not place too much product towards the head of the penis, especially in uncircumcised men. If you notice excessive product around the head, please try to gently massage this back around the shaft.
  • Avoid sex or manual satisfaction for 24 hours. It may be a little tender – let him have the day off. No unprotected anal sex for 1 week. Wash your penis after sex for the first week and at least twice a day for that week.
  • Dermal fillers may interact negatively with Vitamin E, anti-inflammatory drugs, St John’s Wort and aspirin, possibly causing bleeding and bruising. Do not take those before, during and after the treatment.

You may drive immediately after treatment and no time off work is required.

It takes a couple weeks for our dermal fillers to stabilize, absorb water and look its best. For this reason, we ask you to come back for a follow-up consultation 4 weeks after treatment. If more product is required to ensure even coverage, this can be injected during your follow-up consultation.

The longevity of penis augmentation using dermal fillers depend on a number of factors such as your natural metabolism, exercise and the type of filler used.

At Gruene House Med Spa we use a top of the range cross-linked dermal filler produced by one of the most reputable manufacturers in the world. This makes it a little more expensive, however, our product is the longest-lasting dermal filler on the market and has been safely used for many years on many thousands of patients world-wide.

Our dermal filler is naturally integrated into the penile tissue after 1 week and is then slowly metabolized and reabsorbed by the body. We expect the procedure to last for 18-24 months, sometimes longer, but may require small top-ups to maintain the desired results.

There is also some evidence that repeat injections of filler will have longer or, in some cases, a permanent effect. This is due to the stimulation of collagen where the filler is placed, which is called fibrogenesis.

Dr. Shah offers a free consultation to determine if you are eligible for the procedure. Pricing will be quoted during the initial consultation