With the popularity of lip fillers on the rise, we take great care in making sure every patient leaves feeling confident with the results of treatment. If you’re self-conscious about your lips, you are not alone! Many people are dissatisfied with thin lips that lack definition, and lip fillers are a popular solution.

When done properly, lip injections look natural and are virtually painless. Our highly experienced, board-certified dermatologists have been performing perfect lip augmentations for years.

The procedure is virtually pain-free, as we meticulously place the needle gently in the correct spots. Your lips will be numbed with a topical cream a few minutes beforehand to ensure maximum comfort. Most patients compare the sensation to the feeling of getting their eyebrows threaded.

When it comes to lip injections, less is more. We are highly confident in avoiding the “duck-lips” look and know how to highlight your natural lip shape to match your face.

Although many beauty salons and spas offer lip injections, we HIGHLY suggest avoiding getting your lips done at these locations. They tend to over-fill lips, leading to that dreaded duck-lip look and may even cause permanent damage.

For safe and effective lip fillers and natural looking lips, call our office today.