IV Nutrition delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids straight into your bloodstream. A healthy, well balanced diet along with oral supplements is always encouraged, but benefits are limited. Through your body’s natural digestive process, only partial amounts are actually being absorbed and in turn used throughout your body. Skip the pills and get the doses your body needs instantly!

Each cocktail is made specifically for you prior to your appointment, this allows us to be able to customize each IV to your needs when appropriate.

The vitamin cocktail that started in all! Just the right mix of vitamins and minerals for overall wellness. Great for maintenance and keeps our bodies in balance. The IV Nutrition & O2 Rejuvenation and Energy Center the newest edition to the Gruene House Med Spa now has has all our needs to assist in your Health and Wellness Center. Contact us today!

Don’t let a night of overindulgence ruin your weekend, vacation, or early meeting the following day. Hangovers can produce headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. The use of IV therapy, can help to eliminate these symptoms and expedite the recovery process. Don’t have a hangover? No problem? Toradol (think prescription Ibuprofen) is included, so this infusion is also great for minor aches and pains to help with inflammation.

Want the benefits of the Health & Wellness but think you might need a little more? With twice the amount of fluids and automatic doses of Glutathione and a M.I.C shot, the Regenerator is a great choice to add to your normal health routine. Let our staff LVN help you with the choices.

With a busy, stress filled schedule normal habits like sleeping, eating, and exercise are interrupted. Give you body the help it needs to recover. Whether it is from traveling, the stress of surgery (before or after), or just anytime you feel run down from your day to day commitments.

Our super immune booster cocktail can shorten the duration of an illness or help when you fee the symptoms starting. It’s no surprise you need more fluids when you’re sick, this cocktail has you covered. With increased doses of B12 and Glutathione are automatic with the treatment to give you and your immune system the boost it needs!

During the Total Body Cleanse 6-week treatment you’ll start out with a Health & Wellness cocktail to prepare your body for the 4 Chelation Infusions to follow. Each Chelation treatment includes a dose of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid or “EDTA” to help remove any unwanted metals that might be present in your body. After completing the Chelation treatments you’ll receive another Health & Wellness cocktail to revitalize your system!

Chelation IV Therapy*
Elemental metals are an essential part of our overall health and are needed for our body to function properly. Over consumption or harmful exposure can cause serious toxic manifestations that can affect your liver, kidneys, central nervous system and more. An excessive amount of these substances in your system depletes antioxidants, imbalances cells normal composition and in turn leads to cell damage or cell death. Metal toxicity can occur through contact with contaminated soil, air, food or water. Over use of supplements or excessive intake through diet can also lead to serious health issues. The term chelation originates from the “chela” which means pincher like organ or “claw”. Chelating agents are able to “trap” or bind to harmful metals creating a compound that your body then can excrete, by using FDA approved chelatng medication, we are able to remove any unwanted metals that might be present in your system to minimize negative health effects and maximize your overall well-being. Contact us for details to see if Chelation Therapy is an option for you?

Mercury and Lead can be found in the body from:

Certain skin creams
Eating contaminated fish
Types of make-up & mascara
Hair dyes
& more…

*Chelation IV Therapy packages available