How to Ensure Your Lips Never Quack!

Ducks are adorable little creatures with their big bills. But adorable as these little creatures might be, nobody ever wants to be told they have “duck lips.” This is by no means a compliment. When you are receiving lip filler enhancements – it’s always best to aim for a plumper but yet still natural version of yourself. You want to restore lost volume – not overfill. Let’s talk about ways to avoid the dreaded “duck lip” becoming your own personal living nightmare.

  1. Seek an experienced medical professional. — When getting filler, be sure you are going to an experienced and reputable medical professional. Check their qualifications and reviews. Ask to see before and after pictures. Their work should be natural looking but still beautiful – NOT over the top or over filled. Also be sure this medical professional adheres to strict safety standards and practices in a hygienic setting.  If you can’t verify their background, go somewhere else.
  2. Use only quality products. — Be sure the facility offers only name brand, reputable products. If you don’t recognize the brand, don’t use it. Legitimate medical professionals ONLY use brand name products.
  3. Pay a reasonable price. — Filler should be priced at a fair market value. If it is deeply discounted, ask yourself why? Is it because the product is not legitimate? Is it because the injectionist is not reliable? There is a reason you are paying a cheaper price and it is usually never a good one. It’s worth paying more and getting amazing results – this is your face we are talking about here!
  4. Listen to the advice of your medical professional. — Consult with your medical professional about your goals and listen to their advice! They are the PROFESSIONAL – they enhance beauty for a living and they know best so trust their opinion. Your medical professional should be conservative and strive to give you natural looking results. Keep your goals realistic too and you’re sure to have results that will look amazing.

If you’re looking to enhance your lips with filler – Gruene House Med Spa is here to help you meet your goals. Dr. Shah would love to consult with you about dermal fillers and go over the results he can help you achieve. We can’t wait to see you in the spa!