How Much Dermal Filler Do I Need?

This is a question we get often and the answer is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are so many variables that determine how much filler a patient will need – age, sun damage, and even smoking to name a few. Plus we must take into consideration your goals and the type of enhancement you’re looking for. So how much filler do you need? Let’s talk about  it.

First of all…How much dermal filler is in one syringe anyway?

It’s important to understand exactly how much filler you are getting in one syringe before we discuss how much you might need for your face any further. Dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid and one syringe contains 1cc of filler. We know this is hard to visualize so let us help – 1cc is the equivalent to just 1/5 of a teaspoon! Just in case you’re not a mathematician, that’s 5 FULL syringes of filler to get just 1 teaspoon. It’s a very small amount. Keep that in mind as we continue our discussion on how much filler you might need.

Here’s the general rule of thumb on filler…

Starting in our 30’s we begin to lose about 1cc of collagen or volume in our faces per year. So based on this fact, most patients will need 1 syringe of filler per decade of age to restore their once youthful and plump appearance. Again, those numbers would be 3 syringes for a 30 year old, 4 syringes for a 40 year old, 5 syringes for 50 year (you see where we are going with this) for a full facial correction. But don’t forget we also take into account sun damage and smoking. So if you’ve seen a lot of sun in your life or you are a smoker, chances are you will need more.

Now let’s talk about your goals…

If you are looking for a slight enhancement and not wanting to drastically change your appearance you will need a more conservative amount of filler. For example, someone in their 30s wanting to restore their cheeks to the youthful plump of their 20s might only need a 1cc syringe whereas someone in their 50s looking for a similar result would need 3-1cc syringes. The same rule could be applied to other areas like the lips as well.

If you are looking for a major enhancement to your appearance you will require more syringes of filler. It’s difficult to say how many because this would all depend on your particular goals and the current condition of your skin or face. It would be best to discuss these goals with a medical professional to get a realistic idea of just how many syringes of filler you will need.

Interested in getting dermal fillers?

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