Fall is right around the corner so grab that pumpkin spice and pick out a new sweater! Of course fall will bring changes in the weather – meaning drier weather and cooler temps. So what does this mean for your skin? It’s important to update your skincare routine to best protect your skin from the changing season. Here’s how to make sure your fall skin care regimen has you covered:

  1. Use a heavier moisturizer – switch out your light summertime moisturizer for something thicker and more nourishing. Your skin will appreciate this in the cooler, dryer months of fall.
  2. Use an eye cream – if you ditched your eye cream due to hotter temps, it’s time to bring it back. You’ll definitely want to keep that area moist as the temps cool down.
  3. Brighten up with Vitamin C – add some vitamin C to your routine to not only protect your skin from outside aggressors but also to keep you glowing even when you aren’t in the sun as often.
  4. Add a lip moisturizer – don’t forget about your lips. They need extra moisture and care too during the fall season.
  5. And don’t forget your sunscreen – you’ve got to wear this stuff year round to protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

Looking to update your fall skincare routine? We’ve got everything you need at Gruene House Med Spa! Come by and check out all of our medical grade skincare lines — including Sente Skin, Skinbetter Science, and ZO Skin Health. Our staff at both our San Antonio and New Braunfels locations can help you pick out the perfect products to protect and nourish your skin all season long.