Facial Rejuvenation – The Laser Way!

Many don’t realize the powerful benefits lasers can have to your facial skin! You can solve so many common skin issues with laser treatments – a total Facial Rejuvenation! Lasers can improve sagging skin, fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage, and can improve the texture and tone of your skin as well.

What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Facial Rejuvenation describes the different laser treatments that can help improve the look of your skin – making your skin look both younger and fresher. Facial Rejuvenation laser treatments can be tailored to meet your specific needs. These treatments can be used to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin, resurface skin, and improve acne scarring.

What is the procedure like?

Facial Rejuvenation is a quick and easy treatment that takes little time out your daily schedule and requires no downtime. Lasers will be used on your skin to treat your specific skin care needs. The procedure causes little to no pain and a topical numbing cream can be used to ensure the treatment is comfortable. Laser treatments are non-invasive. One treatment session only lasts about 30 minutes. Many see great results after just one session but multiple sessions can be used if needed.

How can I tailor the treatment to my specific needs?

Facial Rejuvenation treatments can be tailored to meet each individual client’s specific skincare goals. You can use these laser treatments to target wrinkles, improve sagging skin, resurface the skin, or improve acne scarring.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines – The Wrinkle Reduction laser treatment penetrates the epidermis and causes skin cells to rapidly reproduce helping to heal the injury, stimulating collagen and erasing the signs of aging.  This treatment works by allowing laser beams of light to penetrate the skin and introduce heat to the sub-dermal layers of the skin. When this happens the heat actually causes the skin to begin healing itself and stimulates collagen production to erase wrinkles.

Skin Tightening – The Skin Tightening laser option is like getting an instant facelift but it’s non-invasive and requires no downtime! This procedure sends heat deep within the skin layers to stimulate collagen and regenerate elastin cells. The result is smoother, firmer and more consistent skin surface. Many patients receive substantial results after just one treatment.

Skin Resurfacing – The Skin Resurfacing laser procedure safely removes damaged outer layers of skin, initiating new cell growth. Laser surfacing can help to improve facial scars, sun damaged skin, age spots, skin pigmentation, moles and freckles.

Acne Scarring – The Acne Scarring laser treatment improves the look and feel of your skin – making it smoother and softer. The laser distributes gentle infrared light beams that are easily absorbed by the skin’s water rich tissue. The top layers of the skin are vaporized and heat is then forced into the sub-dermal layers of the skin which stimulates new growth of skin cells and collagen.

Ready to give it a try?

Are you ready to restore your youthful glow and rejuvenate the appearance of your facial skin! Contact us and we’d love to help you reach your skincare goals!