Many women no longer want thin lips. Fluffy, pillowy lips are everywhere you look these days. These pouty lips are the result of widely available treatment that injects dermal lip fillers into the skin, in and around the lips. However, if you want the before-and-after to be noticeable and pleasing, you need to go in prepared. You need to know what to expect, and what to ask for.

1. Think about how much filler to get.
All commonly used dermal lip fillers are based on hyaluronic acid and come with names like Juvederm and Restylane. With each syringe having the potential to be pricey, you need to decide how much you want to spend before you go in. The puffy/pouty look that is popular today, can take injections with up to four syringes! Note: A treatment with a single syringe offers a subtle, more natural effect.

2. Skip the photos.
Doctors usually prefer that you explain to them the kind of look that you want, rather than bring a picture of a celebrity whose lips you like. Doctors will use different brands of dermal filler depending on your anatomy and the kind of look that you communicate to them.

3. Be ready to specify what you want.
When you let the doctor decide how to treat you, they will usually choose to apply your filler not just to your lips but to the area around the lips as well. Doctors will often treat your laugh lines and sagging corners. If you want a noticeable effect with a single syringe, you’ll need to ask the doctor to skip the areas around the mouth and to concentrate on the area inside the lipstick lines.

4. Take pictures of yourself soon after you get treated.
Dermal lip filler does not last forever. Depending on the brand of filler that you use, each application can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Sadly, your new lips won’t stay the way they look in the beginning. If you like the way your lips turn out, make sure to take plenty of pictures of yourself to make sure that the next time you go in, you can show the doctor exactly what you want.

5. Ask to have your partial syringes saved.
Most doctors allow you to have them save your partially used syringe. You can then go back in a couple of weeks, and have your lips adjusted or tweaked!

6. Don’t Freak out. It’s easy to undo lip filler treatment!
It’s important to remember that if you do get dermal lip filler, but are unhappy with the results, it’s easy to undo. Doctors can quickly use hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler so that you can start over.

Learning how to get the right results with dermal lip filler can take a little practice. When you get it done a couple of times, you will begin to learn what to ask for, and how to get it.